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About Us:

Welcome to Sntradersonline.com. Sntradersonline.com was founded in 2003 on the principles of complete customer satisfaction and quality products. Our professional teams are here to provide you with a wide range of wireless alternatives for all your communication needs. Sntradersonline.com is your virtual connection to a complete line of wireless voice and data products. Sntradersonline.com Wholesale Division has access to a wide selection of wireless phones and accessories. Sntradersonline.com consists of a seasoned team of professional veterans well versed in the wireless needs of large and small businesses.

We are looking for Re-sellers / Distributors:
We are interested to appoint re-sellers and distributors in all leading major cities of the USA/ Canada and around the world. With nominal investment and limited stocks. Please email sales@sntradersonline.com for further details.